Avoid caffeinated beverages During Fasting

Instead, avoid caffeinated drinks during the month of Ramadan. The impetus, since stated by Dr. Titus Nursyirwan, these drinks can quicken the procedure of dehydration.

“For coffee lovers, during Ramadan should cut drinking coffee because the drinks incorporate caffeine, party or soft drinks, can quicken the dehydration evolution, “vocal Acting Chief Medical Superintendent Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan.

During Ramadan, he spoken, is special foremost to deposit the body not to become dehydrated. ” Then, the consumption of drinking moisten since much in that eight to 10 glasses per allotment and eat when breaking dawn, ” he uttered. Consuming soft drinks and caffeinated, he uttered, but would dream up astute at dim, besides has a diuretic backlash, or reproduce the urine.

Titus besides unfold the quickly of Ramadhan is the right interval to increase the body ‘ s metabolism since the body in addition healthy. Wind up not project of fasting seeing a behaviour of dieting, but how abstinence and healthy live. ” Request your doctor, how superlative to nourishment the body to exhibit able to bound hastily with a healthy, ” he suggested.

In addition, he also suggested, for the running fast while maintaining good eating habits with a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.

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