Firefox vs Chrome, who wins?

Firefox vs Chrome, who wins?

Already tried Firefox 4? This version featured better. But what if compared to Chrome?

Mozilla much mimics the browser Google Chrome, and apparently diligent developers once released an update in a short span of time. They wanted to show that Firefox is better than Chrome. What is Firefox better? Let’s compare.

In Chrome, Google wins in feature voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) which they enter in the browser, while Firefox doesn’t have this feature. But Firefox 5 had recommended “Do Not Track” to set the privacy.

In addition Firefox 5 also tighten security on WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library). Increased security in this sector is important considering the security of Microsoft’s WebGL had attacked some time ago.

But Firefox 3 still have shortcomings. His work is still not stable, and his is still loading is slow, especially on Linux. To test it, just use three browsers (Firefox 3, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9) on Linux and Windows computers.

Of the three browsers, which is fastest?

According to testing, the fastest Chrome yet, whereas Firefox took second place, and IE is still the slowest. The order in which the same was true in the case of these three abilities in dealing with HTML5.

In conclusion, in terms of features and capabilities, Firefox still losing to Chrome. Firefox still needs to be fixed. Although in Firefox 4 and 5 have been many improvements, but not a maximum.
Firefox vs Chrome, who wins?

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